Please note that an application fee only extends an initial license to the next renewal date. Initial licenses do vary in duration. It is the responsibility of all licensees to renew their license before expiration. Failure to renew shall result in automatic forfeiture or suspension of the license by statute. Licenses which have forfeited are not automatically entitled to renew.

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Primary Source License Verification Request

To request a primary source verifications to be sent to another State Board select the state you would like the verification sent to from the list below. (You can also provide your contact person and email address as an additional recipient.)

To request a primary source verifications to be sent to a non-state Board contact, please provide the information below in the contact person and email address section.

Verifications are processed within 5 - 7 business days of receipt.

We will work with you to ensure that your verifications are received. However, after two (2) attempts and/or three (3) months have lapsed, a new fee will be required for resending the verification.

All verifications are sent via email.

Include any additional names used (i.e. maiden, married, & other)
* Verifications will be emailed to the State Board address on file. * Confirmation of delivery to a receiving State Board is the responsibility of the Requestor and Licensee. * If verification is not received by the receiving State Board within 2 weeks of the posted payment date, the Requestor and Licensee may request the verification to be emailed again. * If the licensure is inactive, an archive search will be conducted as expeditiously as possible, each search is unique with no way to predict timelines.
Who the verification should be sent to the attention of?
Email address of where the verification should be email if not to a State Board. OR Email address of your contact person at the State Board.
You may provide any special instructions here for sending your verification.